Note to myself thing-ish never going to work if I keep on cheating to myself :3
In the middle of sadness because of janji gak pulang malam gak bisa ditepati.


Things Are Gonna Be OK!

They said it’s always nice to hear someone said “things are gonna be okay” when you’re in a trouble.

However, that’s not the case for me. I always want more. To see that you really understand me and my feeling. I can’t feel your sympathy by saying things are gonna be okay.

How You Supposedly React To a “Drama”?

I joked about suicide as a coping mechanism. It makes it not real and it’s a form of denial for me. Sometimes it was a small cry for help. But when others treat it like it really is just a joke… it hurts. What can i do to restrain myself when others obviously agrees with the voices inside my head?

[7/6, 21:35] me: mending gua lompat dari jembatan juanda
[7/6, 21:35] d: Silahkan
[7/6, 21:35] d: Tp bilang disini dulu
[7/6, 21:35] c: Live ig sekalian
[7/6, 21:35] d: Jd gua bisa saksikan secara live :v
[7/6, 21:36] c: Hapenya pake case anti crack
[7/6, 21:36] ‪b‬: Sip gw rekamin sapa tau laku dijual
[7/6, 21:36] ‪a: lu klo mau bunuh diri live bilang
[7/6, 21:36] ‪a‬: nanti abis mati hpnya gua ambil

that’s legit what they said

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Too Much Love





June 23rd, 1989 my mom was in between life and death. To bring me to this world. 28 years of my life I can only say thank you which I know it’s never enough and never worth anything compare to her hardship. All of my 28 years I don’t do or give her good. But what I realise the most now, I get much more than I deserve. Too much love from Allah and people around me. What to sigh? :”)

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