Too Much Love





June 23rd, 1989 my mom was in between life and death. To bring me to this world. 28 years of my life I can only say thank you which I know it’s never enough and never worth anything compare to her hardship. All of my 28 years I don’t do or give her good. But what I realise the most now, I get much more than I deserve. Too much love from Allah and people around me. What to sigh? :”)

Bday Card From Cutest Meow

Terharu,,, meow kecil sudah bisa berdoa seperti orang dewasa :3

Blow the candle wuuss πŸ™

Mbak ku yang gak pernah lelah kasih nasihat, doakan aku selalu bahagia juga ya dan segera bahagia bersama dia #eeaa

With the same last name, destined to be “the sister” kkkk tapi udah gede nanti jangan jadi kek kakak ya dek hahaha

Sisters ter-unch..

Mute,, will always be the heart of this circle of friends-like-family-relationship.

Cutie pie, Helda-chan jadi orang pertama yang ngucapin. Masa ga terharu?

:”) d’bezz!!

Teruntuk kakak2, thx so much!!

Teruntuk timses, you know laa my lobe for you never end!! πŸ’‘πŸ’‘

This girl is the one who makes me super speechless! And special! Thanks for the warm heart, Dindskiw :”)

Masih banyak cinta-cinta yang gak bisa disebutin di sini. Tapi yang tak disebut biasanya yang terdalam lhoo jadi susah dikorek-korek buat dikeluarin (apa dah bot..?) Kkkk

Eniwei, terima kasih untuk kalian semua yang ada di hidupku. Without you, Ratih yang kalian kenal gak akan pernah ada. Botih yang kalian kenal, gak akan pernah sama. :))
Never ending love,



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