Happy girls are the prettiest -Audrey Hepburn-

Kata Teteh Audrey begitu. Jadi mesti sering-sering happy dan tersenyum kalau mau cantik. Hidupnya gimana dulu kali ya kalau mau terus happy?

Not too pretty to be happy,, pretty girls often have an easy life. Or they make it easy. Or other people make it easy for them. Or yeah semesta mendukung mereka buat happy.

I’m a dramaqueen they said, well yes so what? The words existed because there is dramaqueen person like me. Why don’t you try to like me the way I am? Or simply support me? How? By not telling me that I am lebay? Easy right?

Please people, lelah………………….

Don’t judge me for being who I am

Aku akan terus tersenyum dan tertawa kok,, I’m :))


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