The Fallacy Of Greatness

We can be average if we want

Thought Catalog

You don’t have to be great.

That’s not saying you won’t be. This isn’t a crotchety millennial-bashing, selfie-warning apocalyptic screed by someone who just turned thirty-four. This is just something that I think you should hear. You can be average, if you want.

And maybe you should.

When we think of average, we imagine something diametrically opposed to ourselves; we picture  an imagined suburban strip mall so awful that we have to claw our way beyond its gravity. That’s because we can’t be average; we have to be special, and the cheapest way to do that is to push the average down. But when we do that, we don’t raise ourselves up; we cheapen humanity. If being just a regular human isn’t enough, than you sacrifice your very soul- the essence of humanity- just in the hope of avoiding the “regular” that precedes it.

An average person; we’ve been…

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