5 Epic Romances That Have Ruined Love Forever

Ohhhh my sweety Blair and Chuck are here too 😀

Thought Catalog

I’ve never considered myself particularly romantic. Maybe that’s because I can’t seem to sustain a relationship past seven months? Either way, I have never really fallen into the tender trap of red roses and candlelit dinners and big grand gestures of love. People posting pictures of their significant other on Instagram saying shit like, “I’m so blessed to have this amazing person in my life” makes me want to hurl.

However, I might have been ruined for romance forever by certain moments in TV/movies/music. I think that’s the problem. Like, how am I supposed to have a relationship like Johnny and June in “Walk the Line?” They really Hollywood-ized their romance, but whatever. Just let me have the drugged out Johnny who loves spitfire June so much he gives up his pills for her, if only for two and a half hours of my life, OK?

Here are the main…

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