If We Don’t Do Something About This Imbalance, Our Lives Are Going To Get Worse

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The View From My Porch

In the 80s, as a child, I lived in an small Appalachian town. Small as it was it had a fairly sturdy downtown economy with local clothes and shoe stores, some higher end, some low. You could buy a serviceable suit that was made no more than three hours away by people you could actually call on the phone and speak with. There were also factories in that town that produced inexpensive goods, one made pencils. While it wasn’t wealthy by any means it had things going on and you could get work. If you worked hard and were willing to cultivate skills you could even build something for yourself with only a high school diploma.

That might seem quaint. It might also seem romanticized which, if you step back and consider it, is odd. Why would what I just described above be considered “romantic”…

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