6 Possible Reasons You Can’t Find A Nice Guy

I guess this is me

Thought Catalog

I’ve heard plenty of girls bitch and complain about not being able to find a nice guy, whining about how all the good ones are taken or gay. I’ve even done it myself once or twice, or maybe even more but who’s counting. We have fallen into these traps and its time someone calls us out. To all the nice guys out there, I am so sorry for my previous behavior and the behavior of women everywhere. We have friend-zoned you, and held you up to impossible standards as I am sure those before and after us have as well. I can’t promise you nice guys this will never happen again, but I can call out those of us who have done these things.

So ladies, this is for you:

You friend zone all the nice ones.

When you finally find a guy that actually a decent human, you almost…

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